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Mission Statement

Merced County Mosquito Abatement District is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our local community by providing best management practices of mosquito control and disease prevention. We are a special district that is publicly funded with the goal of preventing mosquito-borne diseases throughout Merced County. The commitment to our work is shown through our detailed surveillance, proven treatment programs and our constant efforts to control the mosquito population. It is our responsibility and honor to provide such preventative services in the most cost effective, environmentally responsible manner possible. We find it extremely important to educate the public on what we do and how residents can help make a difference. Public outreach and our education campaign are other services we offer in addition to mosquito control. We thoroughly enjoy engaging with the public and are grateful to have been serving Merced County since 1946.

Our History

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Mosquito control came into fruition in Merced County in 1923 with the rise of irrigation systems and the increase in population. Control efforts began with a one man operation that covered a 17 square mile area north of the city of Merced. It was then expanded to 90 square miles in 1941 and additional help was hired on. The Merced County Mosquito Abatement District was legally activated in the summer of 1945, and started limited control operations in the spring of 1946 on a county-wide basis. The calendar year of 1947 was the District's first full year of county-wide operation at full strength, and all sections of the County received mosquito control service. We have now been proudly servicing Merced County for over 70 years.